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عقیلی بیزینس منیجمنت (البستکی) با بهره مندی از تیم مجرب و به کارگیری سامانه ی کلود و نرم افزارهای به روز مالی اماده ی ارائه خدمات نوین حسابداری به تجار و سایر کسب و کارهای کوچک و بزرگ در دبی و دیگر شهرهای امارات متحده ی عربی می باشد. این مجموعه افتخار دارد تجربیات ارزشمند خود را در زمینه ثبت، محاسبه، تصفیه و برگشت مالیات در اختیار مشتریان محترم قرار دهد.

حسابداری و حسابررسی در دبی عقیلی بیزینس منجمنت

Companies with a financial department in their group can use the advisory services of Aqili Finance team regarding the structural arrangement of financial documents and management reporting methods in accordance with the formats accepted by banks, audit firms and tax departments.

Having various banking facilities such as LC, LBD and OD*TR is one of the special services of this group for our dear customers.

For a more accurate assessment of the quality of financial management under our management, it is best to briefly review the basic principles of accounting. Simply put, accounting is the language of the subject of the financial health of an organization (company). The alphabet of this language is financial information, divided into three categories according to the basic principles of accounting science.

ارزیابی مالی عقیلی

1- Operational Information

2- Management Accounting Information

3- Financial Accounting Information

The operational information of each organization represents the largest amount of accounting information. When the circulation of accounting information in your business is limited to operational information such as recording sales information, paying employee salaries, recording customer debts, and controlling your company's liquidity, your benefit from the accounting system is equivalent to minimal productivity.

If your company's accounting system is able to organize and ensure the reports that managers need for their main functions in the enterprise, including planning, implementation and control, then the productivity of your financial management is acceptable. The balance sheet and profit and loss statement are among the management reports that can be extracted from the accounting system. But it can only be relied upon for managers to make decisions when, firstly, operational information is recorded in the correct structure of the chart of accounts in accordance with the correct and professional judgment of the accountant, and secondly, all data are updated in the appropriate time periods and appropriate accounting cycles.

With regard to management reports, it is very important that in accounting programs, even if the structure of the account scheme is incorrect, such reports will be visible and even devoid of visible defects, and if the basis for the firm decision of the company's managers is it can have irreparable consequences for the business complex.

The third set of accounting information includes those reports that banks, creditors, stock clients, or current shareholders of the company would generally like to be aware of. In most cases, when business groups need to have bank facilities, the preparation and organization of this category of financial information is critical for businesses. In any case, these reports are at the same level as management information, or in other words, they can be extracted from management accounting information.

Given the practical sensitivity of the second and third types of information and reports, it is essential for businesses to use the capabilities of specialized accounting teams to obtain and leverage management reports and manage their collections by leveraging financial transparency along the way. Development, because the preparation of management information described above is inevitable even in small businesses and startups for business growth.

دفتر حسابداری و حسابررسي عقیلی بیزینس منیجمنت (البستکی) در شهر دبی آماده ی ارائه ي خدمات مرتبط و به مشتریان می باشد.

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