Medical and health insurance in Dubai

عقیلی بیزنس منجمنت

(General Health Insurance)

We are all looking for our insurance, health, treatment and related concerns before immigration becomes normal. All immigrants, investors, workers, employees and student immigrants need insurance and health services.

Medical insurance in the UAE includes medical services covered by insurance. This insurance includes medical consultations, medications, tests, medical procedures, and hospital. In the UAE, there are two types of private and government insurance, government insurance for employees, workers, government and administrative sectors, where the employer insures the policyholder, and private insurance is for immigrants and investors, which also depends on the deposit amount.

Health insurance obliges all people to get insurance coverage. Of course, this is very valuable and beneficial for immigrants because the high cost of treatment requires people to use insurance facilities.

عقیلی بیزنس منجمنت با مشاوره، معرفی و انجام انواع خدمات بیمه ی درمانی، این نگرانی را برای شما به حداقل می رساند.

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