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By obtaining a trade license, it is possible to trade a wide range of goods. In the registration of a trading company, at least two and no more than fifty shareholders can register their partnership. After determining the shares, each partner is responsible for the percentage of his shares, and the liability for all the rights of the company is from the shareholders and the loss is determined on the basis of the percentage of the partners' shares. It should be noted that it is possible to obtain residency for two partners and their families.

For company registration, the type of activity must first be determined, based on the type of activity, an application for company registration is submitted. These activities can be in different groups and categories. Each company can only operate in the field of the registered company after registration, for example, the person who registers a company (grocery) is not allowed to trade in clothing, petroleum products or any other activity. Therefore, after the registration of the company, only goods related to the activities registered in the license can be bought, sold, exported and imported.

When registering a commercial company, it is necessary to rent an office, it can be an office unit or an office from another company, in order to register the company at that address. A commercial company cannot be registered without a contract.
The UAE government has implemented a policy of attracting foreign investors by repealing previous laws that allowed business owners to own 100% of their companies. That is, the presence of an Emirati partner or sponsor has been abolished in the Companies Registration Law.

Company Registration Fees in Dubai

The cost of registering a company in Dubai and other areas of the UAE depends on the type of company, the number of partners, the company's brand and other related services requested by each client.

Registration of all types of companies in Dubai

Limited liability company LLC
Holding companies
General partnership
Free zone company branch
Local company branch
Limited partnership


Holding companies are known as parent companies. They cannot operate alone. These companies are used as shareholders or subsidiaries in different industries and sectors. Holding companies are usually shareholders of other companies, and through the management of subsidiaries, they generate income and increase capital or raise the value of shares. These companies usually operate in real estate, oil and gas, banking, handicrafts and food sectors, etc.

ثبت هلدینگ در دبی

یکی از بهترین انواع ثبت شرکت برای سهام داران در بخش های مختلف هلدینگ تجاری می باشد که از این طریق امکان تسریع افزایش سرمایه در بخش های گوناگون تجاری و صنعتی وجود دارد. شرکت عقیلی به دلیل تجربه ی مدیریت در هلدینگ عقیلی بیزنس منجمنت(البستکی)بهترین مشاور در این خصوص می باشد.

General trading

There are people who seek to create many activities together. A general trading company allows capital owners to choose their own activities after the company is registered, although there are exceptions to this rule, some activities do not fall within the scope of general trading.

جنرال تردینگ

For company registration information in UAE and Dubai, please contact Aqili Business Management.

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