Registration of a service company in Dubai

عقیلی بیزنس منیجمنت

The registration of companies in the UAE has grown significantly in recent years. The high demand from immigrants and investors regarding the registration of companies is due to the rapid growth of the economy, job security and low taxes.

A license is required to start any activity, and therefore companies, and there are many licenses to open a business in the UAE, and among these licenses is the registration of a company or service profession, which is the basic nature of this license to provide services and the possibility of purchasing and there is no sale of goods in these companies. This license is for professional positions that require academic education.

Some jobs that require professional company registration .

Internet Services & Programming Companies

IT Services

Educational services

Medical services

Accounting and Auditing

Crafts and arts

Architecture and design

Legal Advice & Advocacy

For tips and more information on registering a service company and obtaining a license, contact Aqili Business Management.

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