Stay in Dubai by buying real estate and home

The UAE, especially the city of Dubai, is considered a safe place for real estate investors due to its unique economic growth. The UAE government did not include any restrictions on buyers, so it encouraged immigrants and capitalists to invest in the housing sector.

One of the advantages of buying a house in Dubai is the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the UAE, and perhaps this question has been raised in your mind. Is it possible to obtain a residence permit without registering a company? Yes, one way to get residency is to buy a house.

Investors who decide to obtain residence through the purchase of property should be aware that this residence is not permanent because the UAE government does not grant permanent residence to expatriates.

The methods of buying property in Dubai are different. Customers can buy apartments or houses in different areas according to their desired conditions and budget. It is also possible to buy property through pre-sale, in these cases, the buyer is given the opportunity to specify the property he wants to buy in several payments.

Owners of capital in the property cannot engage in any commercial and administrative activities. If people intend to start a business, they must register the company in order to start their business activity by obtaining a license and registering the company.

برای آگاهی بیشتر با مشاوران و متخصصان عقیلی بیزینس منیجمنت تماس حاصل بفرمایید.

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