Driving license in Dubai, UAE

Driving training and getting a license

Driving is a daily need that is considered one of the priorities of life after immigration and residency. Aqili will help you get a driving license in Dubai in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way.

Driving in the UAE is an interesting and different experience. One of the advantages of driving in this country is the excellent design of its streets and roads. Before trying to get a license in Dubai, you should familiarize yourself with the local driving laws. By following the driving rules and caution, you can easily drive across the UAE.

Requirements for obtaining a certificate in Dubai

   Respected applicants to obtain a driving license in the UAE who do not have a driving license in their country of origin, after visiting the driving training centres and presenting the Emirates ID card and paying the fees and completing the registration process and passing the theory, practical and acquisition course. Success in both classes, their certificate card is issued after a few months.

But people who have an Iranian certificate first need to confirm their valid Iranian certificate, which is done by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Dubai. It should be noted that all classes and tests are held in Arabic and English, and if needed, a translator can be used for the test. 

گذراندن دوره ی آموزش رانندگی در دبی به دو صورت عادی و VIP برگزار می گردد که نسبت به هزینه و زمان متقاضی متفاوت است. عقيلي بیزینس منجمنت (البستکی ) تمامی مراحل اداریی شما را از ابتدا به صورت VIP انجام می دهد.

It should be noted that all travellers who travel to Dubai with a visit visa, with an international certificate, can rent a car and drive in Dubai. But a person who resides in Dubai. They cannot drive with an international license and must use the license of this country while driving.

برای گرفتن گواهی نامه رانندگی در دبی و آشنای با مراحل ثبت نام و گذراندن کلاس های تئوری و عملی با عقیلی بیزنس منجمنت همراه شوید.

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